Fences, shepherds, compensation: how the state will protect pastures from bears this summer

The essentials The state will mobilize around 3.6 million euros to finance the entire Pyrenees massif (shepherds, training of shepherds, dogs, fences, emergency shelters, cell phones).

Occitanie Prefecture announced on Monday May 3rd the addition of additional measures for better coexistence between the bear and pastoral activities. The pastoralism and bear group meeting aimed to prepare for the 2021 summer season, “discuss the planned new protective measures and propose concrete improvements to the various existing equipment,” the prefecture’s press release said.

For the season, 3.6 million euros are made available for the protection of the herds. Financing of the entire Pyrenees by the Ministry of Agriculture (shepherds, training of shepherds, dogs, fences, emergency shelters, cell phones). € 750,000 in loans from the Ministry of Ecological Change will be used to support shepherds, additional shepherds, predatory centers, guard dogs of the Pyrenees pastoral care and to protect the apiaries.

The state will also maintain and fund 500 shepherd and breeder positions, set up 16 shepherd shelters, train shepherds, provide resources to protect the flock, strengthen human resources, and fund 9 additional shepherd support positions.

A new compensation system

The press release states: “The state is taking concrete measures to better protect the specially reserved summer pastures. As part of the outbreak of the Predator Protocol, specific support measures are being taken.
to reduce predators on these summer pastures to support pastoral structures. The OFB scaring squad will be strengthened in 2021 and increased to 8 scaring agents. “

The state presented the new decree that established the compensation system for damage caused by predators. A new compensation system for exceptional losses will come into effect in 2021.

In order to better inform breeders, elected officials and hikers, additional resources are made available: improved SMS service, completed information boards … but also the development of digital reporting on summer pastures.

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