Fight in Val-de-Marne: lengthy police detention, a teenager in a coma

Custody of the four minors arrested after a gang fight in Val-de-Marne was extended this Tuesday evening. A teenager is still in a coma. Two groups of young people from two districts of Champigny-sur-Marne clashed on Monday.

Custody of four minors arrested in Champigny-sur-Marne, Val-de-Marne, after a gang brawl on Monday that left two seriously injured, including one who is currently in a coma, was granted to this one Extended Tuesday evening, announced the Créteil parquet floor. On suspicion of “attempted murder”, three of the people in custody were born in 2005, and the fourth in 2004, the prosecutor said.

Late on Monday afternoon, two groups of young people from two districts of Champigny-sur-Marne, a town of 77,000 people a dozen kilometers east of Paris, collided while stabbing and punching on the street.

Two teenagers aged 14 and 16 were seriously injured in the brawl. The youngest, 14 years old and mostly affected in the groin, is still in the hospital but outside the forest, said a police source that confirmed the Créteil prosecutor. The other, 16 years old and injured in his chest, among other things, was “put into an artificial coma”.

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Rival neighborhoods

These two campinois come from “rival” districts, as another police source said: the youngest from the Mordacs district, the second from Boullereaux. “There is historical rivalry between Boullereaux and Mordacs, regular clashes, but never two seriously injured teenagers,” commented this second police source.

This violent fight takes place two weeks after two more brawls that were fatal on February 22nd and 23rd in the neighboring department of Essonne. Two 14-year-olds were killed there in less than twenty-four hours. These tragedies had brought the youth gangs phenomenon into the spotlight with frequent but rarely fatal clashes.

Lack of dialogue

Following these two settlements, the government ordered a general mobilization to come up with a plan to fight gangs that must be passed by May 1st. The president of the departmental council of Val-de-Marne, Christian Favier (PCF), called on Tuesday for “an unshakable commitment by all authorities” to combat “intolerable violence”. The Mayor of Champigny-sur-Marne (DVD), Laurent Jeanne, called on France Info to “appease the neighborhood”. “We really want to avoid a fire,” he said.

Associations are working in this direction on site. As of the evening of the tragedy, “we met young people in the two districts,” but “currently we have no information about the trigger,” said Samir Rekab, President of Champigny Jeunesse. “I think there is a lack of dialogue when we all live in the same city. We have to feel Campinois and no longer live in a neighborhood,” added this association manager. “There is confusion in the neighborhood, but we are not in the Bronx,” he insisted on the qualification. “In Champigny, for example, people meet at football games”.

“We have to reopen the structures, reopen the gyms, everything that is extracurricular,” advocated Zineddine Khemici, president of the Les Quartiers du cœur association, for which these activities would allow “all anger to be externalized”.