Fire burned in a forest near Lacaze in the Tarn, 6 hectares

The essentials On this Thursday afternoon, a major fire broke out in Lacaze in the southern Tarn. About fifty firefighters intervened to try to contain the flames.

A forest fire broke out on Thursday afternoon near Lacaze in a place called OurtiguiƩ. The fire spread quickly and has already devastated 6 hectares. Firefighters intervened in numbers to try to contain the flames. About fifty of them were deployed at the end of the day as the fire continued. A total of 6 hectares went up in smoke. The circumstances of this fire must be determined.

Since this undergrowth is not near the road, a motorist is unlikely to throw a cigarette butt. There is also no residential building nearby. About fifteen trucks of all kinds were on site. Five in reserve were stationed at Lacaze to lend a hand. The firefighters intervened at 2 p.m. and fought for several hours before containing the flames. The two Canadians arrived when the reinforcement made five passes each before leaving.

The firefighters mobilized came from the barracks of Lacaune, Castres, Albi, Angles, Labastide, Mazamet, Valence, Alban, Graulhet and Saint-Juery.