For Hubert Védrine “the peace camp in Israel has disappeared”

Mainly Hubert Védrine, former foreign minister, looks back on the Israeli-Palestinian crisis that has been going on for several days.

Experts and experts want to show that this conflict cannot go beyond Israel. What’s your analysis?

In any case, this conflict can spread to all of Israel, and it is noted that Israelis are very concerned that the events will spread to Arab Israelis. Can this spread regionally? Obviously no. As long as there is an Iranian regime so repulsive to Arabs in the region and to Israel, this cannot be the case.

But all of this only reminds us that the Palestinian issue has not been resolved. Anyone who thought that the Palestinian problem would go away in time was wrong. Starting with the Europeans, who have given up all politics in this area. This greatly annoys the United States, which, even before Trump’s excesses, never really tried to reduce Israeli colonial policy.

The United States’ priority now is to restore the nuclear deal with Iran, which is a serpent Israel must swallow. Is that a good reason for you not to intervene now?

The United States had good reason not to anger Israel in a long time! Obama perfectly explains the forces he encountered in his country when he tried to force Netanyahu a little. And at that time there was the deal with Iran.

Are the Russians still the “discreet” United States, a powerless Europe?

They are not on the same level. If the United States wanted it, considering that the Palestinian issue is a Western concern, it would have the means to intervene. Europe is not a nation, not a country and has no foreign policy. It is reduced to declarations of principle on human rights, but is not able to mobilize itself in a particular crisis.

There was French politics, initiated by François Mitterrand in 1982, on the fact that it was necessary to maintain a Palestinian state that over time became European politics. But it’s purely declaratory and has faded over time.

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What is needed is a burden on Israel, and the Russians cannot afford it. You could pacify the Palestinians with the idea of ​​resuming a process that will one day lead to an independent state with real free elections, which implies the overthrow of the current, incompetent and corrupt Palestinian leaders. It would be about restoring hope for Palestinians and Arabs in Israel.

At the same time, the Americans should put pressure on the Israeli leadership. But the peace camp has disappeared in Israel, which has become an ultra-nationalist country.

Does the creation of a Palestinian state still seem like the key to getting out of this situation?

If we look at the map and methodological policy of colonization, this no longer seems feasible. There is a gigantic settler lobby in the Israeli system. But nothing is certain. There is a young and determined Palestinian people. The answer is on the street.

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