Francis Cabrel’s big comeback on stage in Agen in front of 1,200 fans

the essential Francis Cabrel celebrated his comeback in the agen scene this Wednesday evening in front of 1,200 fans. The first concert in a row from four to Sunday 13 June.

They had waited for him for many months. Postponed twice due to the Covid-19 related pandemic, the grand return of Francis Cabrel has been awaited by thousands of fans. It took place that Wednesday evening in Agen (Lot-et-Garonne).

Francis Cabrel in Agen Christian Prêleur – Christian Preleur

On the occasion of the release of his new opus “At the coming dawn” at the end of last year, the Astaffort singer reserved the first start of his tour for his Agen audience.
Tonight a line formed outside the convention center long minutes before the evening began.

The first in a series of four

For these impatient spectators, it was not a question of getting the first dose of vaccine, but rather of taking the antidote to great delight by attending the first of four Francis Cabrel concerts in Agen.

Fans who have met the health pass requirements before entering the venue

After the requirements of the medical passport (compulsory to participate in this event) were met, the supervisory authorities of the precious sesame (some of them even came from the Charente-Maritimes) were able to enter the performance hall. There again with the feeling of a return to life before. Nevertheless, they had to wait a little longer than usual with a check.

Famous faces

In public, faces known as Philippe Sella come to “encourage” his friend or even Senator Christine Bonfanti-Dossat or Villeneuve-sur-Lot member Olivier Damaisin.

There were 1200 masked to be there on that first evening.

At 8:25 p.m., the impatience of the 1,200 spectators was finally rewarded. The first notes shot in this room, which had not known such joy for a long time. Francis Cabrel performed and sang his new songs to the nourishing applause of an audience that had largely been conquered beforehand.

The artist’s three other concerts will take place this Friday, 11th, Saturday, 12th and Sunday, 13th June.

Francis Cabrel and his musicians

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