From now on the Breton marriage agencies will come to you … With the motorhome!

We knew that RVs could give some ideas … In Belgium, a restaurant owner had invented the RV service for his customers, which was parked in the car park. An opportunity to continue working despite the crisis and to develop innovations in the table service sector.

In France, it is a director of marriage agencies who decided to use the motorhome to meet her clients … In an interview with the campsite Le Monde du Camping-Car, Sylvie Bourhis, in charge of six agencies in Brittany, explains how he came up with the idea of ​​traveling in a motorhome. Presentation.

In reality, with the curfew and the various detention rules, customers could no longer travel to the branches. So Sylvie decides to simply come to them! If you thought that from now on the meetings would be entirely online, you will be missing out! Marriage agencies still exist and even seem to be quite active. Sylvie explains to the Ouest France website that marriage agencies allow 90% of their clients aged 20 to 85 to find a soul mate, compared with 2 to 3% for dating websites. “Guys, they love it; It’s incredible. They are like in a living room. They stay, we feel they are good. Both men and women. “Says Sylvie.

Why a mobile home?

As I said above, since the customers couldn’t come to her, Sylvie decides to meet her. And apparently the RV is the ideal vehicle for this type of meeting. When customers register with their agencies, what they want most of all is discretion! So Sylvie drives down the streets, going to the places her customers want. In addition, this dating system, as old as the world, enables two things that are impossible on the internet: human contact and professionalism. No fake profiles, no dangerous predators!

Brittany. She drives through the streets with her love mobile to find a soul mate #Morlaix #Brest via @ouestfrance

– Alexandre (@ Ar4kiel) April 30, 2021

Sylvie started her motorhome tours in early April 2021 … 5 months and waited to receive her Fleurette Magister 67 LO. The original goal was to make appointments possible for his customers within a radius of 10 kilometers from their home.

Sylvie welcomes her customers in the large living room of her motorhome … If she has decided on this model, it also separates the toilet and bathroom in order to receive customers more quickly. A small coffee that is offered to your customers is also part of the welcome. No connection is required for this. Sylvie had an EZA battery installed to ensure a constant charge. In order to be able to supply the coffee machine and the heating with electricity … you can therefore welcome them everywhere they are.

If all goes well, we should regain our total freedom on June 30th, 2021 … This is definitely the tone of the recent revelations by the President of the Republic. Even so, Sylvie will likely continue to roam the streets with her motor home. After all, this enforced curfew has allowed some professionals to step out of their comfort zone and offer even more to their customers!

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