General restriction: what are the main stores that stay open during the day?

Significant President Emmanuel Macron announced on Wednesday evening the shutdown of non-essential businesses across France and assured that the measures currently in place to support businesses will be extended.

“Shops will be closed in all metropolitan areas according to the list that has already been drawn up in the 19 departments concerned today,” said the President of the Republic in his televised address this Wednesday evening. In these departments, stores and supermarket shelves that do not fit the “sellers of essential goods and services” list have closed their doors. Bookstores and record stores, but also other professions such as hairdressers or chocolate makers, could, however, remain open and were now considered “of first necessity”.

Here is the list of companies eligible to open from Sunday, April 4th, between 6pm and 7pm.

Grocery stores (supermarkets, bakeries, butchers, fruit trees, fishmongers, wine merchants, frozen food stores, etc.), chocolate and candy stores, supermarkets, multi-store shops, hypermarkets, auto repair shops and technical inspection centers for motor vehicles and agricultural machinery, stores in the ” automotive equipment trade with Motor vehicles and agricultural machines by arrangement Shops and repairs of motorcycles and bicycles Deliveries to farms Bookstores, record stores and video stores Repair and maintenance services for musical instruments Plant and flower shops Shoemakers Hairdressing salons Banks and petrol stations of insurance companies and the associated shops for the sale of take-away groceries (excluding alcoholic products) and sanitary facilities that are open for hardware or computer repair shops (computers, software) of road users ie and others re telecommunications equipment stores in building materials and equipment, hardware, paints, wood, metal and glass textile stores (haberdashery, knitting yarn and fabric stores, etc.), dry cleaners, laundries and dyers, retail and wholesale goods and newspaper stores, pharmacies and medical and orthopedic shops, opticians, pet shops, seed and fertilizer shops, tobacconists, electronic cigarette shops, steamers; Rental and leasing of: motor vehicles other machines, equipment and goods agricultural machinery and equipment construction machinery and equipment wholesalers furniture storage real estate inspections

All current support measures for employees and companies will be expanded as part of this new tightening of restrictions.

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For Jacques Creyssel, General Delegate of the Federation for Trade and Distribution (FCD), “this is further bad news for companies”. “It is estimated that 150,000 to 200,000 companies will have to close. Again, the company will pay the highest price,” he said, calling for a strategic plan to avoid the bankruptcy of a large number of merchants after the summer. “” The topic today is that economic consequences. We need to help companies recover and invest heavily after the shutdown, “he said.