Gers: A man and a woman were found dead in Saint-Caprais, a suspect in custody

The vital Francis Labedan, a 70-year-old man, and an elderly woman were found dead late Thursday afternoon in Saint-Caprais near Gimont. A 36-year-old man was arrested and taken into police custody. A knife was found near one of the bodies.

Two lifeless bodies were found late this Thursday afternoon in the Gers near Gimont in the small village of Saint-Caprais. Both bodies show injuries. A knife was found near one of the two bodies.

At this point, only the identity of one of the two victims is confirmed. Francis Labedan, 70, who is none other than the husband of the former mayor of the village, was discovered with wounds in his chest in a ditch at the exit of the village towards Gimont by a farmer around 5:30 a.m.

Francis Labedan created the technical control of the Dekra

The mayor, who arrived on the spot, tried unsuccessfully to revive him. The firefighters couldn’t do anything either. Francis Labedan was also known in Auch because he had created the technical control of the Dekra as a mechanic.

The identity of the second victim, a woman, has not yet been confirmed. This lady, quite old, was later found a few tens of meters from the first body.

A 36 year old suspect

A 36-year-old suspect was arrested and taken into custody. The prosecutor who was there wants to be very careful with the facts at the moment. The investigation must determine what exactly happened. The scene has been frozen, clues are being collected, and the criminal identification technicians are on site. The doctor is expected. Hearings must take place.

The entire neighborhood is in shock on site. One of the neighbors, one of the people who discovered the body, blurted out, “It’s violent.” It is the body of a “friend” that he discovered.

The victim “did everyone a favor”

Francis Labedan was unanimously appreciated. “He helped everyone” was “very nice”.

As for the suspect, a completely different portrait appears. Someone who is “crazy” who can be “nice” one day and “virulent” the next. One of the neighbors had filed a complaint against him the day before. Another had been insulted. This neighbor insists, “There were times when he went and we saw him more. We didn’t know where he was when it was in jail … He had returned a few days ago. I heard from him too often belongs since his return and not for the better. “

Neighborhood problems

So much so that a memory comes back to him: “Francis told me: someone is being stabbed.” To the best of his knowledge, however, the man had never been physically violent. But he was “special” and the gendarmes knew him because of these neighborhood problems.

However, Francis Labedan and his wife Chantal continued to help. Two weeks ago, the former city council had brought the suspect to the train station. Francis Labedan also leaves behind two aching children and an entire village.

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