Gers is the department where the Covid-19 is the least circulating in France

The basics The incidence rate of Gers has fallen sharply in the last two weeks: with 55.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the department is the most spared in France (excluding overseas departments and territories). But the authorities – prefecture and ARS at the top – avoid any triumph and the lifting of the current restrictions is not possible for the time being.

With an incidence rate of 55.3 positive cases per 100,000 population (period April 24-30, French public health data), Gers is the French department where the virus is currently the least common in the Landes (85.9) or Finistère (82,3) is common. . Only the island of Mayotte (35.8), 8000 km from the metropolis, is better …

While the regional average with a similar screening rate is 196.6 per 100,000 population, the Gers positivity rate (2.6% versus 6.6% average in Occitania) seems to confirm a health situation that is more than enviable. Enough to loosen up the hygiene measures that have been adopted since the beginning of winter? Not really … “The situation remains fragile and the number of cases can rise within two weeks, moderated Jean-Michel Blay, Head of the Gers Region of the Regional Health Agency (ARS). As a reminder, in early March the situation was very good, but on April 1 the incidence rate was 184.7. “

The obligation to wear a mask has been extended to June

Yesterday the Prefect of Gers informed us that the measure that has made wearing the mask compulsory since last December and in the department’s 22 most populous municipalities will be “extended until June”.

“With regard to the consumption of alcohol and the distribution of amplified music on public streets, the ban will remain in place until May 17th,” emphasizes Xavier Brunetière. That is two days before the announced (and highly anticipated) reopening of the terraces for bars and restaurants. The prefect would like to continue to “show adaptation and reactivity” in accordance with regional health developments … and without rushing.

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