Given Covid-19, Emmanuel Macron at the time of the election

The essentials To try to contain the epidemic, the head of state could speak tonight and announce a tightening and widening of the existing containment.

He thought he was gaining time … He thought he was going to win at all. After losing the battle of the masks and then the tests, Emmanuel Macron hoped to be the only head of state in Europe who couldn’t redefine himself and the only president who didn’t shut down schools. But this time-saving could well be a waste of time in the face of a wave that continues to swell like the critics. Why did you wait for France to far exceed 5,000 contaminations a day, a target set by the head of state in December? Epidemiologists who wanted to be clairvoyant in February are now accused of neglecting their advice. Jupiter is it back? Would the tenant of the Elysee, who apparently wanted to consult at the beginning of this crisis, have given in to his vertical incline? In the last few days, the Élysée has been the target of all criticism.

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Will the head of state silence them by speaking tonight? His advisors yesterday refused to confirm the rumor while another spoke of an intervention in just 15 days.

Gain time

Step in to say what? The status quo cannot be ruled out, but it seems increasingly difficult to defend given the outcry from healthcare workers concerned about the saturation of intensive care services.

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Several other clues are on the table. New departments could join the 19 with “increased braking measures” but that will not be enough to contain the crisis of those already badly affected like Ile-de-France.

Closing schools also seems like a serious path to take, but Jean-Michel Blanquer and Emmanuel Macron are still resisting the idea, as keeping schools open since last June was one of the victories the head of state wanted to use in the 2022 election campaign.

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Finally, a strict national restriction with real police controls like last March seems rather unlikely. According to Élysée, the acceptance of imprisonment is no longer the same as it was a year ago, even if many French say so. In addition, Bercy weighs all his weight not to close stores that are still open, and the Home Office is reluctant to step up controls.

Emmanuel Macron therefore tries again and again to save time. Observation of the contamination curves, the occupancy rates of the beds, but also the number of vaccinations. The master of clocks postpones the crucial moment, even if it means being accused of being locked up too late, like last March.