Green tip: how about the tawashi sponge?

The Tawashi is an ecologically washable sponge. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Robert N Brown

In the “Zero Waste” category there is one element that we don’t always think of: the sponge! Everyone uses sponges several times a day, and some synthetic sponges are harmful to the environment. Although manufacturers are increasingly working on green or plant-based sponges, there is an easy way to switch to the green sponge.

TAWASHI. The tawashi originally comes from Japan and refers to a hemp scrubbing brush. In the world of zero waste, the Tawashi is an ecologically washable sponge that you can buy ready-made in a few minutes or make yourself with recycled materials!

The benefits of a tawashi sponge

Whether you want to buy it ready-made from a craft store or make it yourself, the Tawashi sponge is environmentally friendly, durable and very economical! The Tawashi sponge is made of cotton fabrics or old single socks and has the advantage that it can be washed at 30 or 60 °, depending on the fabric used. A Tawashi sponge made of 100% cotton can even go through 90 °. Goodbye germs to your classic sponge!

Tawashi sponges don’t have the scratchy side of regular sponges unless you choose them with a scratchy side! Most handmade stores now sell scouring pads. On Amazon, the creator of the Pimprenelle Boutique offers quite different models of Tawashi sponges.

The Tawashi sponge has the advantage that it can be washed at 30 or 60 °, depending on the fabric used. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Robert N Brown

What if you want to make your tawashi sponge?

Now is the perfect time to give a second life to your individual socks! To make your tawashi sponge you will need:

A pair of socks A pair of scissors A 17 cm cardboard box A little patience and logic!

We make our tawashi sponges thanks to the tutorial published by the blog Lyly Met la Main à la Patte. Very easy to make and practical to get rid of socks or old t-shirts without throwing them away … A little extra tip … When your tawashi sponge is at the end of its life and you’ve made it out of cotton, you can compost it into small pieces using to cut! Nothing is lost!