Green tip: How do I clean the oven without chemicals?

Implement natural and more practical solutions. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Africa Studio

Cleaning your oven isn’t a picnic … the products sold are ultra-chemical and frankly uncomfortable to use. In theory, you should clean your oven top to bottom once a week! To preserve it, but also to save energy.

However, it is possible to clean it with natural solutions and implement it quite practically! Again, our allies for oven cleaning are apple cider vinegar (or white) and baking soda. These two products are very important in everyday life and respect the environment. Goodbye oven cleaner bombs, make way for effective and natural cleaners!

How do I clean my oven?

First, take the rack and baking sheet out of the oven to clean them separately. Fill an ovenproof “bowl” container with a mixture of apple cider vinegar (or white vinegar) and baking soda. Dilute with a little water. Then put the mixture on the walls of your oven and the container in the oven!

Heat everything to 120 ° for 1 hour. Then let the oven cool for 10 minutes so as not to burn yourself, then pass a sponge … the magic should work normally! We don’t have any tips on how to replace the sponge, but you can use a tawashi or an old sock!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock / RHJPhtotoandilustration

Other tips!

If you don’t like vinegar, it can be replaced with pure squeezed lemon! The process is the same, but not all ovens work. For this to be effective, the oven must be set to 300 ° C for 30 minutes!

Finally, one last trick that requires a little more elbow fat but less energy: the baking powder paste.

6 tablespoons of baking soda 2 tablespoons of water.

Brush your oven, let it sit overnight and rinse …