Gunshots and collisions in the Bagatelle district in Toulouse: what really happened?

The essentials The investigations by police officers from the security department make it possible to better understand what happened on Thursday evening in the Bagatelle district in Toulouse. Shots and a collision between a scooter and a car take place every few hours. Facts that are not linked.

Last Thursday, at the end of the day, shots were fired in the Bagatelle district of Toulouse. Two hours later there was a collision between a car and a two-wheeler in the same area. What really happened that day? Are the two events connected? Is that a settlement of points? The investigations by the department’s security investigators now allow us to see the course of these initially confused events a little more clearly. A 20-year-old young man identified as the driver of the Renault Clio vehicle involved in the collision was quickly recognized by the police. The latter will present himself to the police station on Saturday and be taken into custody. An investigation into willful murder was already underway.

After the first elements, it all started with a violent altercation at a gas station in the Pradettes district a few days earlier. That day, this 20-year-old young man was attacked by several people. A violent fight against several people.

On Thursday, the same young man was driving his Clio, Avenue Henri Desbals, when he was crossing the street of two people on a scooter. After his explanations, he believed to have recognized one of his attackers from the gas station. His car then crashed into the scooter. The collision resulted in the fall of the driver and his passenger. A few minutes after the accident, some witnesses said they heard gunshots.

No connection between the shots and the accident

On the other hand, the driver of the car was again the target of blows after the accident. Injured in the face, he will manage to break free from the fight and go to the hospital for treatment. The police officers called on the spot will observe bullet holes in two vehicles parked near the scene of the accident. “These shots, the consequences of which were found in two vehicles, would not have been linked to the accident,” said an official source at the police station, while being cautious.

During his hearings before the on-duty investigators on Saturday and Sunday, the driver of the car stated that he had lost control of his vehicle, which caused the accident with the scooter. A version far removed from that of one of the passengers on the two-wheeler.

According to him, the driver deliberately rushed him. Witnesses would abound in this direction. The custody of the driver was extended this Sunday by the public prosecutor. The investigation continues to shed light on the reasons behind the brawl at the gas station, but also to determine whether this young man deliberately hit this scooter.

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