Haute-Garonne: A 10-month-old baby who was hospitalized after being bitten by a Rottweiler

The basics A 10 month old girl was bitten and pulled by a Rottweiler-type dog this Saturday in Brignemont, northwest of Toulouse. The victim, severely injured in the lower back, was taken to the Purpan Children’s Hospital in Toulouse.

On the edge between Tarn-et-Garonne and Gers, at the head of the Haute-Garonne department, the town of Brignemont. Less than 400 people live in this rural, quiet and peaceful village.

That Saturday, around 2 p.m., that peace of mind was disturbed by a terrible tragedy. A 10 month old girl was attacked by a dog. This kid under one year old was bitten and pulled to the ground by this Rottweiler-type dog. Immediately alerted, the emergency services took over the victim. The girl was taken to the Purpan Children’s Hospital in Toulouse.

After the first elements, the victim was bitten by the dog at the level of the lower back. She presented with a large and deep wound. Given his age, his health was initially considered worrying. A few hours later, her vital prognosis was revised and found to be less of a concern. His days are in no danger. The facts did not take place with this child’s family. In order to shed light on the circumstances of this tragedy, the gendarmerie opened an investigation.

The dog is looked after by the vet

The dog was taken to the veterinarian for a check-up. The tests should make it possible to determine whether the animal was a rabies carrier or not.

According to our information, this dog of the German breed was not known to the locals as dangerous. He had never been spoken of before.

The mayor of the city, Jérôme Boussarot, who we contacted, did not want to comment on the events.