Haute-Garonne. A kite royal, a bird whose species is protected, has been killed: an investigation has opened

Published on 03/06/2021 7:43 pm

Essentially Thursday, March 4th, a Royal Milan was shot injured in Estadens (Haute-Garonne). Hit by a bullet in the wing, the bird had to be euthanized. An investigation has been initiated and the species has been protected. Joao Jorge, who attended the scene, testifies to La Dépêche.

It is Thursday, March 4th, 5pm when Joao Jorge hears a gunshot ringing in his neighborhood in Estadens (Haute-Garonne). Surprised, the man turns his gaze in the direction of the shot and searches where it might be coming from. “There I see a bird falling from the sky,” says Joao, who is about 100 meters away. “I heard magpies appear in a neighbor’s yard. It was …