Haute-Garonne: After a night of research, a 78-year-old man was found hypothermic in a field

The essentials A 78-year-old man was found at dawn on Saturday morning in Rouffiac-Tolosan in Haute-Garonne by a resident of the town. He had disappeared that Friday evening. His disappearance was viewed as worrying and an important search tool was used by the gendarmes to find him.

He spent the night outside but is fine. This Friday evening, a report announced that a 78-year-old man was missing. The absence of this elderly person is viewed as worrying and an important piece of equipment is being deployed around the city to try to find his trail.

A dog handler from Montauban is called in as a backup. For much of the night, the gendarmes, accompanied by the gendarmerie surveillance and intervention train (Psig) of the gendarmerie company Toulouse Saint-Michel, will survey the streets and fields of the city.

This person is only found at dawn. While walking, a resident of the city will come across this missing person in a field that is visibly disoriented and hypothermic. The man was quickly taken care of by the emergency services and taken to the hospital for an examination.