Haute-Garonne. Charred body discovered in a car in Clermont-le-Fort: What we know

The Basics That Sunday evening, April 18, after fighting a car fire, firefighters discovered a charred corpse in the cockpit of the carcass.

Macabre discovery this Sunday evening in the small town of Clermont-le-Fort south of Toulouse. A charred body was found in the trunk of a burned-out vehicle. Here’s what we know about this case:

At around 8 p.m., several witnesses saw smoke in a field and warned the fire fighters. Once there, the firefighters discover a car that was partially destroyed by the flames. They are fighting to put out the fire under the eyes of the gendarmes of the Castanet-Tolosan Brigade Community, who were also deployed on site. Once the flames are out, the firefighters inspect the interior of the vehicle and discover … a charred corpse. At the moment, neither the age nor the gender of the victim is known.

An unusual place to get rid of a car

“We are in shock. It is a terrible act,” says Elisabeth Giachetto, Mayor of Clermont-le-Fort. The vehicle was found in the middle of a field. To put it there, the driver had to take a hiking trail. “Several cars have already burned down in the area, but generally they are parked on the side of the road and not in the middle of a private road. The perpetrators clearly wanted to be discreet,” said the mayor.

An open murder investigation

The Toulouse Public Prosecutor’s Office has decided to open an investigation into murder. The prosecution entrusted the investigation to the research department of the gendarmerie, which was supported by the research brigade of the Villefranche-de-Lauragais company.

The gendarmes were there this Monday, DDM, Gérard Boudon

A victim as yet unknown

Who is the victim? Did she die in the fire or before? At the present time of the investigation, no hypothesis has been ruled out. However, these methods are reminiscent of those used in the organized crime world, particularly by drug traffickers in Marseille. The victim’s body will undergo an autopsy on Tuesday. The purpose of this examination is to find out more about the identity of the person cremated and the causes of death.

A car that wasn’t stolen a priori

That Monday morning, a dozen soldiers, including the scientific police, were still on site to quickly solve the puzzle. The police searched the area for clues. The car, a priori a 306, was inspected. After initial checks, this vehicle was never declared stolen. However, it is possible that the theft took place on Sunday evening. In this case, the owner of the automobile may not have noticed this disappearance. It should still be heard quickly.

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