Haute-Garonne: confiscated, the car contained a supply of weapons

The Basics A car that was confiscated in Castelginest in February 2020 was hiding a strange arsenal. War weapons discovered by a mechanic in Aussonne in March 2020. The gendarmes at the research department in Toulouse have just arrested three people suspected of being connected to this arsenal

In March 2020, on the eve of the first detention, a mechanic installed in Aussonne wanted to get rid of a car, a tired Renault Twingo. This vehicle had been entrusted to him by the Castelginest City Police at the beginning of the year under the pound. Not saying the car can be destroyed. However, while preparing for this dismantling, the mechanic had a big surprise: a lot of weapons that were discovered in the trunk. “Including a Kalashnikov-type machine gun, small arms including a Smith and Wesson 357 magnum, and hundreds of large-caliber ammunition …” lists a source close to the investigation.

An arsenal salvaged by the gendarmes of the Toulouse Research Department and quickly entrusted to the National Institute of Scientific Police in Toulouse. Ballistics specialists have examined these weapons and looked for possible links to the murders of recent months and years in Toulouse or elsewhere. Without convincing results. The examinations on the vehicle, which belonged to a mechanic from Toulouse, did not contribute to the progress of the investigation, even if an impression was discovered on the steering wheel.

This imprint opened a lead for the SR investigators, who also monitored a man who presented himself to the city police in the spring of 2020 to recover the vehicle. On Tuesday morning, with the help of an intervention group from the GIGN branch in Toulouse, the gendarmes arrested three suspects: the person who left their fingerprint in the car, the person who tried to recover the Twingo, and finally the mechanic, the official owner of the Vehicle.

Detained “near the La Reynerie district in Toulouse”, these three men were not very talkative, astonished at the suspicion and declined to have any connection with the weapons discovered a year ago. All three were brought before the investigating magistrate in charge of the case and charged. If the mechanic was placed under judicial control by the judge, the other two people were brought before the judge for liberties and detention with the requirement of a deposit warrant from the prosecutor. When, after the intervention of Mr Marty-Daudibertières, the owner of the print was placed under judicial supervision, the second, who was described as the “usual” user of the Renault Twingo, was placed in custody. His lawyer, Me Bouchaïb, will appeal the detention.