Haute-Garonne: We met Alain, the Perpignanais, who weighed 300 kg (and who has already lost 100).

The basics Three months ago, Alain, almost 300 kg, was evacuated from his apartment in Perpignan by crane to be hospitalized. La Dépêche du Midi is currently visiting him at the Château de Vergnes clinic in Bondiguoux near Toulouse.

He shows a big smile. Hair combed back, beard shaved, Alain, who weighed 300 kg, is “rather not bad”. The 52-year-old Perpignan man, who was evacuated from his apartment by crane on December 1, 2020, is starting his daily rehabilitation exercises.

“It’s amazing to see him sit and stand. It was unimaginable a few weeks ago, ”says Frédéric Sanguignol, director of the clinic in Bondigoux, north of Toulouse, which specializes in the treatment of obesity and where Alain is cared for.

After about ten minutes, the fifty-year-old returns briefly to rest in his bed. But no time to breathe for the perpignanais, nurses help him sit on an armchair to eat. “I miss what I ate before, but it’s for my own good,” he says teasingly, looking at his tray.

The Catalan had already lost 40 kg in 20 days during his stay at the Saint-Eloi hospital in Montpellier, where he was admitted after his evacuation. Alain was therefore taken to the clinic at the Chateau de Vergnes in Bondigoux for the remainder of the treatment. The man now weighs 190 kg, almost 100 kg less than before he was hospitalized.

“I feel a little tired, but I know that I have to keep fighting. I have a steely mind, even if I sometimes face gray days”, Alain trusts in his hoarse voice.

“I want to go back to a normal life”

The Perpignanais want to turn the page. After losing his father, Alain fell into a depression. “My medicine was food,” he says. He was nailed to the floor in a fall in his home weighing almost 160 kg. Long months of incomprehensible indifference. “I took a lot of weight. I had to go to the hospital a long time beforehand. Nobody moved. I waited to die,” said the Perpignagais, still angry.

Alain will be staying at the Skin Garonnaise Clinic for many months. He hopes to weigh between “90 to 100 kg” when he comes out. Her doctor Valerie Laikuen is optimistic: “The development is favorable and impressive. He has enormous willpower,” she slips.

Alain, stars in his eyes, imagines his exit. “I would love to find a wife and why not have a child. It would help me in my struggle.” He also hopes to inspire and help other obese people. “Don’t hesitate to contact me,” he exclaims.