Hautes-Pyrénées: There is a difference between doctors and pharmacists about the AstraZeneca vaccine

The essentials The expansion of vaccination in pharmacy pharmacies is expected by the profession. but on the doctors’ side we warn of the possible risks …

In the government’s desire to “bulk up” vaccination, the expansion of vaccination is an essential lever. “Yes, the Higher Health Authority has been saying it for more than a month,” recalls Robert Astuguevieille, President of the Order of Pharmacists of the Hautes-Pyrénées, “and there is an unstoppable logic in getting a mass vaccination. I. I want Remind them that for the last national flu vaccination campaign we vaccinated 3 million people in two months … We have a strike unit based on our territorial network, we have 100 pharmacies in the department, it would be a pity to forego this drug in order to vaccinate as many people as possible. ”However, the government was a little late in issuing the decree. “We started asking ourselves questions, we felt like we were being put aside while we are partners and actors in health care. But that’s it, the government issued the decree yesterday, we will be with the from March 15th Start vaccination. ” A logical extension of the injection area, but doctors have reservations … For them, vaccination is a medical act. “There is no coquetry on our part,” assures Hervé Gaschies, general practitioner and particularly involved in the Tarbes Parcs-Expos vaccination center, “but allergic reactions can occur with the Astra Zeneca vaccine”.

“A Potential Risk”

And to give a personal example that took place in his own office last Saturday. “One woman we vaccinated had a pretty severe reaction, with anaphylactic shock, we had to bring in the samu and give an injection of adrenaline.” And to make it clear right away that of the 30 vaccines injected that day, this was the only incident. “But let’s imagine it happening in a pharmacy … We know that the first injection of any vaccine is always at risk. In addition, pharmacists only vaccinate people who have been vaccinated once for influenza.” For their part, pharmacists state that they are also able to call the Samu … “Our aim is not to replace the doctors,” continues Robert Astuguevieille, “but to release them so that they can do their work calmly. We want to work in synergy. “But Hervé Gaschies believes that” if poorly controlled incidents occur, it will only increase suspicion about vaccines in general, Astra Zeneca in particular. And it would therefore be counterproductive … “

The centers are ready

For the strike operation this weekend, the prefecture called firefighters and the Red Cross, as well as nurses and volunteer doctors. “We cannot be there during the week or at the weekend,” explain Carole Gavigniaux and Véronique Dutrey, coordinators of the Tarbes Parc-Expos Center, “our teams need to rest. But it is very good that other forces arrive on time. We met the head of the Sdis team yesterday morning who will be there this weekend. We showed them everything, our operating system, which is now well established. We kind of leave the whole system to them, like they’re moving into a furnished apartment. It’s a great collaboration. “What could happen again when the announced vaccine doses arrive and the prefect wants to” multiply “the number of weekly vaccinations by 4 or 5.