Having trouble falling asleep? What if you were a victim of “bedtime revenge”?

When evening comes, when you turn off the lights, have you ever “scrolled” aimlessly on Facebook or Instagram … to find out more about the last travel certificate or the marriage of an unknown prince … Then this scroll takes you to Wikipedia find out the age of said prince who is pretty cute …

From there you can get to the Buckingham Palace website as you clicked a link on the Wikipedia page! You may have “bedtime revenge”. A syndrome that prevents you from falling asleep even when you are at the end of your life! Explanations.

The “vengeance bedtime delay” syndrome is the habit of delaying bedtime by getting excited about things … not really exciting! Finally ! Things that could wait a long time for the next day or even the day after. And we’ll be posting this important information long minutes later, this time exhausted with fatigue! And awakening will necessarily be difficult.

But why are we doing this to ourselves?

The “Postponement of Bedtime for Vengeance”, here is the French translation of this syndrome, which researchers explain by the need to be one on one with yourself! Today’s daily life adorns our brains with fear-inducing information, repetitive video conferencing, and time seems to slip through our fingers! Those fingers that scroll are a way to take your time and no longer be exposed to the stress of the day.

Control his life!

According to Dr. Rajkumar Dasgupta, Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine at Los Angeles, this is CONTROL! With video work sleep, we are not in control of our lives … Reply to an email while watching a video, but sometimes drop a text message at the same time … We all do it, or almost, and our brains do I can’t do more! Postponing vengeance before bed would therefore be a cry of alarm from overworked people who refuse to admit it!

A cry of alarm from overworked people who refuse to admit it! Photo credit: Shutterstock / DavideAngelini

This would then be a consequence of teleworking, which no longer allows us to distinguish professional time from personal time! Postponing bedtime would therefore avenge us for not being able to take our time during the day …

However, this is not recommended!

Obviously, this syndrome is not without its consequences … And this habit, on the one hand, prevents you from falling asleep. And on the other hand, when you finally get some sleep, your brain won’t be at rest as it is being aroused by the screen you just shared! Many of you will likely recognize yourself by this syndrome …

And you know what to do! Put your smartphone away from your bedside table and read instead of learning about the intimate life of Lepidoptera !!! Yes, we swear it can happen by accident from a scroll of the song by Jean Louis Aubert!