He makes an ax in the shape of a hand to “break” logs like a karateka!

An ax in the shape of a hand. Photo credit: Youtube Video Screenshot / The Metalist

After the bike circulates on frozen lakes with circular saws instead of wheels, another object might fall into the “useless but fun” category! It is again the invention of a YouTuber “The Metalist” that this time catches our attention.

This Youtuber, who specializes in creations or renovations with metal, offers us an original ax. Like a karateka hand cutting wooden boards with a piercing scream.

His invention takes up the theme of the lumberjack karateka, fracture, tameshiwari (試 し 割 り) or shiwari, which is the art of breaking solid objects such as bricks or wooden boards for demonstration purposes during a competition or training ( thanks Wikipedia). . We warned you, it’s not much use, but it’s fun!

This is how The Metalist introduces itself in a video that already shows more than 3 million views of a sharp ax in the shape of a hand. He simply replaced the blade of an ax with a metal hand! A completely useless item, but absolutely necessary!

It has to be said that this video takes over the making of its original tool point by point. With the success of this particular production, the YouTuber is thinking of building other tools of the same kind. While the usefulness of this tool has yet to be determined, let’s admit that the thoroughness with which it is made remains speechless!

Whether related to tools or tips to avoid waste, recycling and processing are increasing. Given the unexpected success of this sharp hand, youtubeur has been offering the same style of tools since February 21! But this time he attacks the hammer in the form of a closed fist!

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