Health: These 5 foods are very harmful to the kidneys!

Obviously, there are foods out there that are great for you and others who aren’t. But when it comes to certain organs like the kidneys, there are certain foods that are really at risk. As a reminder, the kidneys are vital organs that, like the heart and lungs, are better protected.

The kidneys are the body’s filters, eliminating toxins and excess water through the urine. What we don’t always know is that the kidneys also play an important role in blood pressure. How do you protect your kidneys from harmful foods?

The alcohol

Drinking alcohol can be festive and pleasant for some, but it is never healthy. For the kidneys, ingestion of alcohol reduces the filtration capacity. According to the Nephrocare website, once the kidneys stop working, they cannot perform all of their vital functions.

Water and excess waste build up in your blood. This is called uremia. Alcohol consumption causes this filtration deficit, but is often revealed late, and the end is a transplant or artificial kidney. A study published in the journal Nature also explains the effects of alcohol on the kidneys.


If you drink too much soda, your risk of developing chronic kidney disease increases. And that risk would be even greater for women who consume diet sodas. A study of 3,318 women published by the US National Library of Medicine concluded that consuming at least 2 servings of artificially sweetened soda per day is linked to a two-fold chance of deterioration in kidney function in women.

Large doses of soda are not good for your kidneys. Photo credit: Shutterstock /


Whether in soda or in food, sugar is everywhere! And it’s not an excellent food for the kidneys … those and those who already have renal colic pain caused by kidney stones know that it is better to avoid it! Medisite explains that renal colic is due to a blockage in the urinary tract with a stone. This obstruction causes excess pressure in the urine, which is the source of severe pain that suddenly occurs unilaterally in the lumbar fossa. And too much sugar consumption can lead to kidney colic which is almost tolerable in terms of pain!

The aperitif biscuits!

These little salty treats are the perfect cocktail for an aperitif with friends, but they’re the sworn enemies of your kidneys … they’re high in salt, which also affects the kidneys and makes you thirsty! That we often fill ourselves up with alcohol in these festive moments! In short, we forget about the aperitif and the cakes that go with it if we are prone to kidney problems, hereditary or not!

Snacks are very (too) salty! Photo credit: Shutterstock / DronG

And the salt!

The salt contained in foods, especially in snack cakes, increases blood pressure and damages the kidney vessels. At the same time, this worsens their filtration capacity. A study published in PubMed also confirms that excessive salt consumption worsens kidney functions.

As with all organs, eating healthy is the best solution. It is obviously possible to eat these foods safely, but like all, in moderation!

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