Helping caregivers break the digital divide

The health crisis has at least had a positive effect: the acceleration of the digitization of French society. Between the use of teleworking, the boom in e-commerce, the clicking and collecting of local merchants, online courses for schoolchildren and students, or even frequent information pages, the French have never used their computer, tablet or smartphone so much. However, this craze for digital tools underscored that there was still a lot of work to be done in terms of coverage of the country so that everyone had a good connection to the internet, but also all French people could have access to these tools.

13 million French people suffer from illegalism, which means they do not have the equipment and / or the skills to use digital technology. To counter this, the government wants to “help digital carers”, anyone who comes to the aid of the French who are struggling with digital technology. “Today we are taking concrete action. As part of the France Relance plan, € 10 million will be mobilized to better equip and train nurses and mediators,” said Cédric O, State Secretary for Digital, yesterday.

The minister announced “a generalization of the Aidants Connect tool that will allow 20,000 caregivers across the area to safely perform administrative procedures in place of one user.” Second axis, funding the use of Pix’s tools, the online public service for assessing, developing and certifying digital skills; Tools that help professionals daily intervene with people struggling with digital technology.

Digital passports in Haute-Garonne

The government will support the training of digital carers and mediators with 2,000 training courses in uniform and 5,000 training courses and support for representatives of the communal social action centers (CCAS). Finally, Cédric O announced that 4,000 France Services digital advisors will be trained and deployed across the country to strengthen the support of caregivers.

The fight against illiteracy has also become a priority for many municipalities. For example, on March 8, the Departmental Council of Haute-Garonne started distributing “Digital Passes” to Haut-Garonnais who are trained in the use of digital tools and who wish to obtain administrative procedures, particularly in view of the dematerialization of autonomy. 2,000 brochures with 10 tickets each will be distributed for a budget of € 222,000 co-financed by the state.

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