Homemade weapons, violent attacks: a gang sows terror in Seysses prison near Toulouse

Posted on 3/14/2021 at 1:27 PM, updated at 3:19 PM

The essentials For several months, prisoners have been spreading terror behind the walls of the Seysses remand prison near Toulouse. These prisoners, essentially “clandestinely” because they are in an irregular situation on French territory, are very violent. They are very community based and do not hesitate to manufacture live weapons to attack other defendants and get their hands on any trade.

The scene is eye-catching and deserves American films. We discover the prison promenade on a video that was filmed in the Seysses remand prison. About ten people pull together around one man, then the circle moves away and each participant in this brawl breaks up. An occupant remains stretched out on the floor and visibly touched. He’s bleeding, victim of a blow with a sharp weapon …

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