Hoshi too “creepy” to sing? The statements of Fabien Leceuvre cause a scandal

The essentials The statements of Fabien Lecoeuvre, the press attaché of Polnareff, about the physique of the singer Hoshi sparked the anger of the net surfers and the most important interested party.

“She’s scary”. In this sense, Fabien Leceuvre, Polnareff’s press attaché, assessed the physique of the singer Hoshi in an interview with Arts-Mada-Webradio. “When are we going to come out with beautiful girls? For example, if you look at Hoshi who has an incredible, distinctive talent, bring a poster of Hoshi in your room, right? I have nothing against this girl, that’s great (… ) but that she gives her songs to sublime girls, “he added, looking at a host with an embarrassed smile.

Fabien Lecoeuvre is Polnareff’s press officer.

Reactions on social networks were quick, blaming Fabien Leceuve’s comments on “sexism” as being “incredible and deplorable,” according to some. Thousands of internet users have publicly shown their support for the singer of the song “Ta marinière”.

The singer also expressed her anger. “So serious to say something like that. We offer him a poster or a mirror? I hesitate,” she said on Twitter. In a series of tweets, she was outraged by this physical criticism. “I’m ‘scary, ugly’, I should ‘give my titles to others’, but hey, I have talent anyway, so Sir wants to visit me in concert anyway? Damn patriarchal answer. You vomit. (…) I I want to not have you in my concerts. My concerts are safe places for my audience. Your words are too serious for you to be a good person. ‘

Faced with this wave of outrage, Fabien Leceuvre tried to apologize publicly and replied to the singer: “A thousand apologies for those awkward remarks that were taken out of context and that may have hurt you. I just mentioned a time difference between record companies and the audience gave away the physique of the artist much more than it does today.

This statement did not have the desired effect. Hoshi then replied, “But is it really a joke? You still talk about how I look. Insane. It’s because of people like you that young people give up their dreams, not because of the houses. The window.”

But is it actually a joke? You’re still talking about how I look Incredible. It’s because of people like you that young people give up their dreams, not because of the record companies. https://t.co/07CxSc0yF7

– Hoshi (@HoshiOfficial) April 7, 2021