How about chickens to reduce your food waste?

Are you looking for a way to reduce your food waste? Did you know that chickens are real organic waste reducers and that you can also get fresh eggs for free all year round? Probably yes, but the reasons for owning chickens are a little broader.

In addition, it is now possible to offer a pension to reformed chickens in the avian sector. Knowing that they are even singled out, they will offer you good eggs for many years to come. Here are the five great reasons to have Gallinacea at home!

From December 31, 2023, Article L. 541-21-1 of the Environmental Code stipulates that municipalities must manage and sort their bio-waste! For individuals, it will be 2025, but two before communities have to propose a bio-waste solution … And even for a community, chickens can be a great alternative!

Chickens are ecological!

A single hen can use up to 150 kilos of food waste per year … crumbs, leftover meat, vegetable peels, a real natural composter that saves you around € 15 per year on household waste incineration. The rest of the waste will certainly turn into feces, but these are perfect fertilizers for the garden!

Organic eggs available!

Obviously the chickens lay eggs! And eggs can be cooked in all shapes … Eggs are used for cooking, baking, for sauces! Knowing that a hen can produce around 250 eggs a year … At the price of an organic egg, that means a direct saving of € 75 per year for a single hen! In addition, chicken droppings are an excellent fertilizer, 100% natural and 100% free.

One hen can produce around 250 eggs a year. Image credit: Shutterstock / PhotoSongserm

A new pet!

Even if they don’t show affection to you very quickly … chickens are loving animals who can attach themselves to people like dogs or cats. In addition, they are not very difficult to care for … A few seeds, water and a 20 m² chicken coop are enough for their happiness! Remember to offer them a nest and some plants for their wellbeing.

Kids love it!

Which child has never collected eggs from the chicken coop with their grandparents? And the pleasure of baking a good nibble cake with the hens’ eggs remains a great moment for the children.

The adoption of a reformed hen is therefore an act of salvation! Photo credit: Shutterstock / Milosz_G

How do I get a reformed hen?

First of all, you should know that culled chickens are not broilers, so they are only used for laying eggs. After a year in the battery, the chickens are sent to the slaughterhouse to be turned into dog food, for example!

The adoption of a reformed hen is therefore an act of salvation! Buying a culled hen does not mean that, on the contrary, you have no eggs … it will take a little while to get used to her new free life, so that she is lying about every other day. Chickens can live between 5 and 10 years and lay all their lives … At 18 months, a slaughter hen can give you free eggs for many years. And you assure him a peaceful and well-deserved retirement!

There is no dedicated site for the adoption of consumed chickens. Even if the Adopte1Poule site is there, it will not list all of the available chickens. To keep it simple, type “Cull Hens” followed by your department into a search engine. You should find what you’re looking for and some chickens to rescue from the slaughterhouse!