How can one effectively fight against processional caterpillars?

Be careful, they are coming back too! After the Asian hornets, this year there are again other dangerous pests for humans and pets in the spring! Procession caterpillars! If her ballet is pleasant to watch, it is important not to touch her …

And even less let your dog approach him! The website regards the processional caterpillar as a species to control. Here are some tips to get rid of these processional caterpillars. Be careful, they can be fatal to your dogs or cats if you put them to your mouth … And in humans, their stinging hair can cause severe necrosis … Danger in gardens!

Procession caterpillars how do you recognize that?

These caterpillars love pine and oak. If you don’t have these types of trees, most likely you won’t see them, and that’s pretty good news! On the other hand, if the processional caterpillars settle in your house, you will have no problem recognizing them. These caterpillars are hairy, gray-brown in color and therefore move in procession … A series of caterpillars in a single file that traverses your garden: processional caterpillars in sight!

Why are they dangerous?

In addition to the fact that they are dangerous for the trees that have been planted, they represent a real danger to people and pets. When the caterpillar feels attacked, it stands on end of its hair … And since these hairs are very stinging, they cause the People necrosis. For example, dogs that sniffed or licked caterpillars would develop necrosis of the tongue or mouth. Which could quickly lead to his death! The tongue swells up and eventually suffocates the dog, like in an allergic shock.

####### Photo credits: Shutterstock / roberjzm

What natural techniques to control caterpillars?

Various natural techniques can help you get rid of these processional caterpillars!

Chickadees or bats love to eat processionary caterpillars … so offer them shelter for tits or bats … and keep these precious predators in your yard, they will do the job for you! Set up pheromone traps. These traps are made up of circles that curve the trunk with an edge. The caterpillars attracted by the pheromones come across the circle and fall into a container that they cannot get out of. Plant birch trees, they are natural repellants against the processional caterpillars, who hate this tree … Even if the birch sap has many virtues … for humans! Install earth bags around your trees … the caterpillars will be trapped and all you have to do is destroy them by fire, preferably because you will catch them alive! ####### Photo credits: Shutterstock / Traveler70

What professional techniques to fight caterpillars?

There are other less natural techniques, but they must be practiced by professionals!

Weeding consists of manually destroying the nests to get rid of the colony and its nest. Destroying the pupae buried in the ground … One way to completely eradicate the colony before it even sees the light of day! Sprays from Thuringian bacilli. Be careful, this treatment is radical for all caterpillars, but it must be carried out exclusively by a professional. It must also be the last resort to destroy these pests as it is a chemical treatment based on biopesticides.

If you see a nest of processional caterpillars in public space, notify your town hall, which will send a professional to destroy it.