How can you limit plastic when shopping for groceries?

During the first delivery, plastic production increased by 33%! Photo credit: Shutterstock / dmitriylo

When we shop for groceries, there is one element that quickly gets into our shopping cart: plastic! Packaging, sometimes over-packaging, a marketing item … plastic is everywhere on the shelves.

However, there are some simple ways to avoid bringing astronomical amounts back into our home and our trash by the way! Even when most of the major grocery brands make a real effort to get rid of plastic, it’s easy to see that there is still work to be done! This is an easy way to avoid a few pounds of plastic!

It must be recognized that plastic is still very practical! It protects food and preserves it thanks to the food film … But it is also an extraordinary pollutant! It is true that the Covid 19 pandemic did not help … plastic has made a comeback with disposable masks, gloves and protective packaging! During the first delivery, plastic production increased by 33%! And recycling only accounts for 23% of the plastic that is thrown away.

How do you avoid plastic?

If you buy “liquid”, prefer glass bottles to plastic bottles … but you can also opt for recyclable water bottles.

Get some fabric tote bags … There are pretty models. You can also make them yourself from recycled fabric or buy tote bags to swap in the store when yours run out!

Choose bulk whenever possible … Image Credit: Shutterstock / Natalia Deriabina

And on the shelves?

Prefer bulk whenever possible. Most stores now have bulk (and not necessarily organic) departments. Of course, you will store your pasta in bulk in a plastic bag, but only a 1 or 2 kilo bag instead of the classic packaging … Check your purchases when you buy products such as cakes or pastries … Have you noticed? that your madeleines were packed in a single bag and then in a plastic that was itself covered with the packaging plastic … Select the products in bulk in a single bag and wrap them yourself in beeswax film. Children’s snack! In the vegetable department, nothing prevents you from sticking the label directly on your leek or carrot bouquet! Avoid vegetable bags as much as possible, they will inevitably end up in the trash!

Make another effort to limit your plastic consumption. We assure you that it is possible!