How do CovidListe and ViteMaDose tackle the waste of unused vaccine doses?

Ah the vaccines against Covid 19! You spill a lot of ink, but apparently not enough cans yet! When everyone agrees that vaccinating the population will allow us to get out of the crisis, managing vaccinations seems a bit complicated!

To try to optimize the doses of the unused vaccine as much as possible, there is now a website: COVIDLIST! And to find an appointment quickly, there is another page: VITEMADOSE! These two platforms are not governmental, but they are incredibly effective! Presentation.


This website, created by Guillaume Rozier, centralizes data from vaccination centers. So it is possible to know in which vaccination center appointments are available. The site works with the flagship vaccination appointment sites: Doctolib, Keldoc, Maiia or Ordoclic.

All vaccination sites are displayed by simply entering your living quarters. At the top of the screen, the appointments are displayed with a clickable link to make the appointment. Then a list of all the “vaccinodromes” available in your department. If you live in a city that borders another department, all you need to do is enter the relevant department. A phenomenal time saver! The vaccination centers listed on this platform only affect priority persons. That is, health professionals, people with prescriptions, and people over 70.


Especially if you are not one of the priority people for the vaccine, COVIDLISTE can help you with the vaccination. This platform, created by Mathieu Ripert and Martin Daniel, identifies unused doses from vaccination centers. Either through the lack of vaccine candidates or through the cancellation of appointments. However, the doses must be given very quickly. With Covidliste you subscribe to the “waiting list” and receive an email when a dose is available in your area …

With Covidliste you subscribe to the “waiting list” and receive an email when a dose is available in your area … Photo credit: Shutterstock / Unai Huizi Photography

Be careful though, as there are already more than 300,000 people registered on the platform. When you receive an email, you have to be very reactive. Covid list is therefore accessible to everyone, regardless of priority, age, comorbidities or occupation … In a way, a vaccine waste disposal point!

Two COVIDTRACKER platforms

CovidTracker is a tool for monitoring the evolution of the coronavirus epidemic in France and around the world. This site is a private and independent site that is made available to the entire population free of charge. However, all data given are from official figures.

Many huge vaccination centers have opened their doors (Stade Gerland in Lyon) or are being opened (Stade de France in Saint-Denis). The point now is not to waste doses and to vaccinate most of the volunteers ASAP. Covidlist and Vitemadose can dramatically increase our chances of getting a vaccine! Let’s use it!