How do I go for a zero waste picnic?

Given the temperatures of the last few days, we would almost forget that it is spring … But the beautiful days will inevitably come and with them the time for picnics by the water or in the forest! As long as the lake or forest is less than 10 km from your home for the time being.

What if you tried the zero waste picnic on your first picnic of the year? Given the astronomical amount of litter unscrupulous picnickers have left in the forest, it might be better to take the lead! Here are some tips for an eco-friendly picnic!

Meals prepared in advance

Just because you’re planning a picnic doesn’t mean you have to buy everything that’s already prepared in plastic! On the one hand, you have less leftover food. On the other hand, by putting your meals in a container, you’ll avoid waste on the spot. A mixed salad, some hard-boiled eggs, and even homemade fries, why not go with your scrubs? We recently gave you the recipe for peel chips!

Fresh fruit instead of yoghurt and homemade biscuits instead of industrial packaging … The preparation does not take that long and you have almost no waste … In the worst case, your waste can be cooked later or finished in the dehydrator!

For transportation we obviously forget about the plastic bags that fly away and we invest in a picnic bag or we recycle a wicker basket … Also, it’s very bucolic to put your picnic in a wicker basket … of course don’t forget the eternal cooler to keep your drinks cool.

And the drinks elsewhere?

For drinks, we literally forget about the plastic bottles unless you remember to bring them back at the end of the meal! Otherwise we will opt for reusable stainless steel or stainless steel pumpkins … As for the dishes, the sale of plastic is now banned. Bamboo or paper plates must be provided, which you can then recycle in the composter, for example!

Meals prepared in advance. Photo credit: Shutterstock / M.Volkova

What about the sandwiches?

If you have picnic rhymes with sandwiches, you also need to wrap them up in advance … But again, we forget about the stretch wrap and aluminum foil … We opt for the beeswax packaging, of course! Washable and reusable, if you accidentally lost it in nature it would decompose in a few weeks as it is compostable!

And in order to avoid the transport of plates, we opt for lunch boxes, which usually serve as plates and offer the cutlery inside. And if you still have rubbish at the end of the picnic, we don’t opt ​​for a normal garbage bag, but for a glass or an old, unused bucket … When you return, the rubbish will be sorted a little and done! All that remains is to hope for temperatures worth a month of spring … The April adage has been confirmed, strong, that we can do what we want!

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