How do I use baking soda?

Household awareness of the use of natural products seems to be increasing … The products our grandparents used to do housework, laundry or other chores are making a comeback. Among them baking soda (or sodium)!

This white powder is useful at home, and while the name may frighten beginners, of course, when used correctly, it is not harmful to health. And despite its name, it’s not caustic at all. For a ridiculous price, you have many uses in baking soda. discovery

What is baking soda?

White powder, also called sodium bicarbonate, is a combination of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. It occurs naturally in American soils. In Europe it is made with a mixture of natural chalk and salt.

Be careful though, you have to distinguish between food bicarbonate and household bicarbonate! It is possible to add baking soda to a cake batter to lighten it. Household baking powder is used for personal hygiene or home care.

How do you use baking soda?

In a cake batter, it has the same effect as yeast … For 200 grams of flour, add 1 teaspoon of baking powder and 1 squeeze of lemon to increase performance. After a heavy meal, the baking soda rebalances the digestive system. It also takes the strain off stomach lifts. If you mix a teaspoon in a glass of water, your transit will thank you … be careful if the pain persists, you need to consult a doctor. An impressive toothpaste made from this bicarbonate! And in the simplest possible way … Since you only have to dip your toothbrush in baking soda and then scrub as usual! White teeth guaranteed! You can also wash your fruits and vegetables from pesticides. Make 5 g of bicarbonate in one liter of water. Then let your fruits soak for 15 minutes before eating or cooking them! (Food bicarbonate: € 3.40) A natural deodorant. Just moisten the armpits, put a little powder on them and blot them with a towel. Be careful not to use the bicarbonate as a deodorant on the mucous membranes! How do you use baking soda? Photo Credit: Shutterstock / RHJPhtotoandilustration

What about household baking powder?

Household baking powder is the one our grandparents use to scrub floors, table tops, or even unruly limestone … it also absorbs odors from your fridge by simply leaving a bowl of baking soda in it. This bicarbonate is almost magical to reclaim a rug or a rug! Sprinkle with baking powder, scrub with a brush, leave on for two or three hours and vacuum! You can also use it to clean your ceramic hobs as it won’t scratch them.

Finally, one last tip … if you make a washing machine, replace half your detergent dose with household baking powder … Big savings in prospect and a washing machine that is cleaned at the same time as your laundry that gets cleaner … a real treasure of this baking soda!

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