How do you attract birds to your garden?

The return of spring also marks the return of flowers, insects and birds. We know how important birds can be to biodiversity, and it’s very nice to see them bickering in your rose bush … or frolicking in a watering hole. Birds, however, do not “choose” to settle in a garden by chance.

Sometimes they just go through and sometimes they linger there or even make their nests there. Here’s how to use the odds in your favor to attract birds to your yard. All you have to do is take out your camera and admire the spectacle.

Keep feeding them in the spring as well

A popular belief is that we must stop feeding the birds as soon as spring returns. According to Ornithomedia, everything depends on the weather conditions. Indeed, the months of March and April are sometimes still very cool and the birds begin their reproductive cycle.

If temperatures do not rise and stagnate for a few days, it is possible to provide food by mid-May. Once the ice saints (11-12 May 13) are over, the birds must be able to feed themselves by autumn. Seeds, fruits, some fat, worms or insects, but NO BREAD please!

We forget about pesticides!

It’s obvious a priori … birds won’t appreciate a line-cut garden if it’s crammed with pesticides or herbicides! Simply because the insects that forage in your garden feel poisoned and the birds feel poisoned if they eat them …

If your garden is pristine, birds might not like it that much! In fact, they seem to prefer a garden that leaves room for biodiversity, flower meadows or wild grasses! Birds love fruit, but sometimes a little too much … you can still protect the bottom of your fruit tree and leave the top to them?

A cozy hideaway to keep them!

If you own a pine or a fir, this could be the perfect Bird of the Sky hotel! These evergreen trees protect birds from cold, wind and rain … This also applies to thorn plant hedges … In addition to the weather, a holly or hawthorn hedge protects the birds from predators.

A hawk in a bird feeder. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Mikhail.Yudin

If you don’t have any of these plants, you can offer artificial nest boxes. An old mailbox, a basket hanging from a branch, or a store-bought bird house might interest them in breeding!

Don’t forget to water them!

The water holes, or rather a small fountain, allow them to drink naturally, but also to attract a few insects, which they feed on … And when it is very hot, it is not uncommon for them to shake themselves there. .

Remember to change the water every other day to keep it clean or you will attract more tiger mosquitoes than birds! Ideally, a well-kept pond or pond is the guarantee that the birds will arrive! Finally, one last tip: avoid the noise of tools, barking dogs or high-pitched screams … birds love the silence, and then you can enjoy their twittering when the silence in your garden is golden!