How to buy a Windows 10 license (legally) for less than € 8

Windows and Office are already an integral part of our daily life … Either we know Windows 10 and Office 2019 very well. These two important software products are often viewed as expensive and can sometimes put off buyers … We all also know the “pirate” keys to such software. And for some years now, manufacturers have been selling their devices without these licenses.

Today, the difference between a computer with Windows 10 and a computer with free DOS is around $ 100. However, hacked or free solutions are not always very reliable, be it in terms of the operation itself or possible security. Perhaps one of the few secure ways to get a much cheaper but completely legal Windows 10 key is by purchasing it from a secure site like Here’s how to get a key that is much cheaper than traditional retail.

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Keys can be categorized into retail license, OEM license, volume license, and MSDN subscription key.

Compared to the retail version, OEM keys are usually wholesale negotiated, which is why the price is lower. OEM keys are becoming a convenient and secure alternative, but at a lower cost. If their price is so low, it is because they bought in large numbers. In order to avoid fraud, the original keys must be distinguished from fraudulent keys. By buying on you get good business and remain absolutely legal.

The website has taken on the pastel colors of spring, but that doesn’t really matter. In particular, your attention should be paid to the extremely competitive prices. Less than € 8 (after discount) for the Windows 10 license and in a completely legal way. The Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus office software is available for € 27.

Windows 10 for € 7.25, Office 2019 for € 26.86 and Windows 10 pro + Office 2019 for € 26.86!

Godeal24 puts together a special offer for you. So you can only purchase Windows 10 Pro license and Office 2019 together for the price of Office 2019, i.e. H. € 26.86. In addition, you will receive a 62% discount on purchase. Simply use the 62% discount on the coupon code “BNT62” before checking out. Unmissable offer if there is one!

A 50% discount offer for Windows 10 with code: BNT51

Typically, a copy of Windows 10 for your home PC costs $ 120 from Microsoft’s official website. At Godeal24, however, you can get a copy of Windows 10 for just € 7.25

A 66% discount offer for Office 2016 with the code: BNT66

You can choose any of the MS OFFICE 2016 series and get the amazing discount set up for International Women’s Day 2021.

An offer of 55% off even more products with the code BNT55

For those who need office software for work, school or on a personal basis, Godeal24 also has great deals on these products. (Coupon code BNT55)

All of these products will undoubtedly save you time, whether in design, training or in your professional field. And inexpensive products can surprise you with their effectiveness. An expensive product is not necessarily better than a cheaper product!

At GoDeal24 you can expect the best service. Shortly after ordering, you will receive the goods quickly and easily by email. If you have any questions or concerns during the installation, Customer Service will be happy to help. You can send an email to if you have any questions or problems related to your orders.

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