How to Buy: How to Choose an Ergonomic Shape Memory Pillow?

An awareness campaign on the subject of sleep will start on March 1, 2021! The sleep month “For everyone their own sleep” aims to inform and raise awareness of sleep-related problems: insomnia, back pain, chronic fatigue, etc. Sleep increases through teleworking and childbirth due to the pandemic!

However, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep! We had seen some positions to avoid back pain and bad nights. But there are also many accessories with which you can sleep like a baby. This is the case with the ergonomic shape memory pillow. But you still need to know how to choose it?

Why an ergonomic shape memory pillow?

If your lower back pain wakes you up at night or your neck is sore when you wake up, your feather pillow may not be enough! We have to switch to the ergonomic pillow. This pillow offers you the greatest possible comfort … and much more than a classic pillow.

In fact, it allows your body to maintain a natural position. Back pain is caused by poor sleeping positions. The ergonomic pillow allows you to refocus this position and align your neck with your spine. The shape memory avoids pressure points at different points on the skull and face … For even more comfort and delicacy when sleeping!

What are the advantages of an ergonomic pillow?

While it obviously improves your comfort, it is not a simple object of wellbeing. It also relieves muscle stiffness and prevents joint pain. It is an excellent partner for insomniacs who should have improved sleep disorders. Memory foam pillows are also recommended for children. They help them get to sleep faster.

What are the advantages of an ergonomic pillow? Photo credit: Shutterstock / Roman Samborskyi

But then how should you choose it?

A shape memory pillow is not necessarily ergonomic! The shape memory pillow offers comfort and adapts to your body type. The ergonomic pillow is designed for osteopaths and enables a better position of the body. It is best to choose an ergonomic pillow with shape memory that combines comfort and perfect position. If you like a soft pillow, don’t choose an ergonomic pillow that is too firm. It could have the opposite effect on your sleep. But there is no real rule for this, only you can know which firmness is best for you! Demand quality when choosing and look for so-called ergonomic pillows, which only consist of 10% of this memory foam. The best ergonomic pillows are made from 100% memory foam. Admittedly, they are a little more expensive, but you can count on a quality product and restful nights!

A few final tips before you buy

To be effective, your ergonomic shape memory pillow must return to its original shape as soon as you take it off! This requires a minimum density of 50 kg / m3! Choose a pillow with a removable cover to limit the development of dust mites. Be careful, as the foam is in it, it should never be machine washed!

Find out “satisfied or refunded” before purchasing. The best way to determine if an ergonomic pillow is right for you is to test it for ten days … and send it back if your nights haven’t gone by. improved!