Hundreds of birds take possession of California by the chimney

The Basics Hundreds of birds made it down the chimney prior to their stay at a California home in the United States. If the images of the invasion are impressive, the occupation of the site caused significant damage to the building.

Don’t see Alfred Hitchcock’s paw in any way, but the images no doubt reflect the work of the American director titled The Birds. As of April 21, hundreds of birds have taken possession of a California home in the United States.

The scene, captured by surveillance cameras, gives off a cold sweat: the birds are filmed through the building’s chimney before landing on the ceiling. The numbers of the residents of the house are dizzying: “We stopped counting after 800, testify to the latter on the microphone of the local radio KTLA. If we don’t see it, we can’t believe it!”

Feces all over the floor

As victims of this invasion, the American couple decided to notify the California animal welfare service. The organization then advises them to keep the windows of their houses open so the birds can slip away. The latter, however, seemed to have chosen to stay in place. The only solution: catch the birds one by one to get them out. It looked like they wanted to go out, but they weren’t going anywhere, describes a family friend. They flew everywhere, in every room in the house. “

The floor of the house was inevitably covered with feces: “We can no longer walk in the living room, in the kitchen or in our hallway without walking in the feces. The house is in a deplorable condition,” confirms one resident.

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