Hymer unveils the Camper Van Sydney with a folding roof and flexible seats!

How will we spend our vacation in 2021? A question that we can’t really answer at the moment. During the first delivery in March 2020, RV sales had skyrocketed. The motorhome is one of the ideal ways to drive on the road while respecting social distance …

Even when restaurants and hotels are closed, the motorhome offers the solution to take a few days off. Hymer, one of the best-known brands of motorhomes, is launching the Camper Van Sydney, a short Fiat Ducato that, thanks to a lifting roof, offers space for four adults with real beds. Presentation.

The Hymer Camper Van Sydney offers optimal space management and four beds 4.96 m in length. But also flexible seats for 3, 4 or 5 people. And what makes it possible to accommodate 4 adults in real beds is likely the opening roof.

In normal times, the 4 beds announced are rather limited to two adults and two children. This is not the case with Camper Van Sydney’s flexible and removable roof! There is a king size bed 202 x 150 on the roof which can even be larger than your own bed … and the second bed 194 x 129 is in the back of the vehicle.

Photo credit: Hymer

As soon as the roof is extended, we reach a ceiling height of 2.65 m, no claustrophobia or lack of space in sight! The flexible rear seats allow the space to be modulated according to the needs of the moment.

In order to get this sleeping place it was apparently necessary to compromise on something else! If the lifting roof is offered as standard, this is not the case with chemical toilets! The toilets are optional and the motorhome does not have a bathroom … it will therefore be necessary to rely on the nature or the sanitary facilities of the campsite for the morning toilet … and the rest. The price will require a minimum of € 50,875, to acquire the new child from Hymer!