“I wanted to infiltrate the RN”: Kamel Agag-Boudjahlat, head of the party list in Belfort, withdraws from the race

Kamel Agag-Boudjahlat, who has been included in the list of national rallies for the Belfort territory (Bourgogne-Franche-Comté), has announced the withdrawal of his candidacy. Fatiha Agag-Boudjahlat’s brother assures us that he wanted to “infiltrate the RN”.

“I infiltrated the RN to cause a stir and get people to get involved.” This is explained by our colleagues from France, Bleu Montbéliard, Kamel Agag-Boudjahlat; (Former) leader of the National Rally in Belfort for the regional elections.

A carefully considered strategy

As an educator for the judicial protection of young people, the man admits that his project was carefully considered and built for a year. His strategy was simple: “Go to the end of the election campaign and resign from the National Assembly after the regional council elections,” he said. But Kamel Agag-Boudjahlat says he is overwhelmed by the violence of enthusiasm caused by his candidacy. So he confessed to the deception.

For France Bleu, he explains: “My family was aware of my strategy. But when I saw the violence of the reactions on social networks and when I saw that people who shared my values ​​were breaking down because of my involvement with the RN, I told myself that I wasn’t going to advance the game just to have a post as regional advisor. “

Her sister Fatiha, a writer and secular activist, defended her brother. “I do not share and I will never share his commitment, I will remain a Chevenementist forever. He tried the left that used him and betrayed the city, pursued the patronage of the community, he was never right. He made his choice.” she commented.

1-I have a brother candidate for the RN in the Territoire de Belfort. So am I RN? This is proof that … and there’s even a filthy asshole who mistook me for my brother’s mom (I look so old? Ud83d ude2d ud83d ude2d ud83d ude2d) Oh, that one nice excuse to meet me. .. so listen

– Fatiha Agag-Boudjahlat (@AgagBoudjahlat) May 1, 2021

Forced to resign?

The state of violence and intimidation in our country is such that a candidate is forced to give up in the elections and justify unlikely reasons that everyone understood are guided by fear of physical threats. #Belfort

– Julien Odoul (@JulienOdoul) May 3, 2021

For Julien Odoul, head of the regional list of the national rally in the Burgundy Franche-Comté, Kamel Agag-Boudjahlat had to resign. He and his family have been suffering from hatred and threats on social networks since Friday. This caused him to withdraw. I don’t believe in the explanation for the infiltration or the buzz. He tried to protect himself. I regret his decision because it is a credit to the haters who overwhelm him, “he said on the France Bleu microphone.

The 38 year old educator wants to write a book about this adventure that he will call “I Infiltrated the National Rally”.

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