IKEA unveils a coat that can be transformed into a blanket or pillow … depending on your needs!

Recycling, recovery, all-in-one objects … The big brands are increasingly turning to these marketing and environmental decisions. If at times, like the umbrella that turns into a chair, this isn’t very convincing, some innovations seem a lot more thoughtful and useful!

This is the case with the Swedish giant IKEA, which introduces an accessory that may be a must-have for next summer. First of all, this object is a coat! But it also hides a blanket and pillow … just to take a nap anywhere and always have your pillow (or coat) with you! Good idea isn’t it?

The novelty from IKEA is called Fältmal and looks like a coat … But it is changing! Perfect for hasty descents in backpacker mode! It will serve as a pillow or blanket for chilly nights!

IKEA loves to innovate with products that are always perfectly thought out, easy to use, assemble or disassemble! At the moment the announcement of this novelty of the summer collection 2021 is rather original. And this is the first time Ikea has launched ready-to-wear! A clothing that combines clothing and functionality. The Fältmal is a hybrid object that should conquer the hearts of future hikers!

Perfect for hasty descents in backpacker mode! Image credit: IKEA

But if you imagine reading in a chaise longue after dark, the IKEA coat-pillow-blanket works great too! However, do not rush to IKEA to get it. It won’t be available in France until April. And it should sell at 30 euros which is a lot cheaper than buying the three products it represents! Please note that in some regions of France IKEA stores are currently closed (over 10,000 m²) but the website is still open!