In 1992 he spent 113 days in a cave: a foretaste of the deep time in Lombrives

Posted on 04/22/2021 at 5:20 pm, updated at 11:24 pm

The essentials In 1992, the speleologist Pascal Barrier tested a timeless experience in the Cocalière cave on the Gard for 113 days. Thirty years later, this time in Ariège, the deep-time experience was born. More or less similarly, he tells of his extraordinary experience.

He remembers it like it was yesterday. Pascal Barrier is a cave explorer. In 1992 he carried out a timeless experiment in the Gard in the Cocalière cave for 113 days. “I had set myself the goal of staying in this cave for at least 100 days. In the end, I went further than expected. It was just a simple grassroots challenge. It still remains today …

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