In Agen, a woman is chasing her ex-partner and is about to beat him out of prison

the essential scene on the very least unusual Saturday in the heart of Agen, where a woman beat her ex-companion in public until she broke his glasses.

It is, to put it mildly, an attack that took place just before noon on Saturday on the Gravier d’Agen, the district that borders the tracks on the banks and the Garonne near the police station. A man who had been released from prison the day before was attacked by his ex-concubine, whom he had just met in a completely random manner after being asked by the judiciary not to approach her.

But it was the latter who, after recognizing him, ran after him. When she caught up with him, she hit him pretty violently because one of them broke his ex’s glasses.

The latter preferred not to file a complaint and claimed to the police that he did not want to harm the woman. The argument was still the subject of a simple handrail.