In Australia, watch out for tarantula invasion after the floods that hit the country

The Basics Following the recent floods and warming temperatures in the Sydney area over the next few days, homes spared the rising water are facing a spectacular invasion of tarantulas fleeing the flood.

After the floods, Australia now faces a new threat: the invasion of tarantulas fleeing the driest areas. New South Wales residents have received an “urgent” warning from authorities in preparation for the influx of Atrax robustus, the world’s most venomous tarantula endemic to the Sydney area.

“Warming temperatures and high humidity make the perfect cocktail for an explosion in the presence of Atrax robustus in the coming days,” said Tim Faulkner, director of the Australian reptile park. “After the incredible floods we witnessed in the greater Sydney area, they have been evicted from their habitat and will take refuge in the drier areas,” he said. “Unfortunately, that could mean that they will be entering their homes very soon.”

13 human deaths

13 human deaths from a bite from this tarantula have been officially documented. However, there have been no fatal seizures since a serum was developed in the early 1980s. The Australian Reptile Park, where the serum is located, has invited people “who have the courage” to catch tarantulas and bring them to collection areas.