In Brazil, caregivers use “little hands of love” to comfort isolated patients

Brazil currently lives in hell every day because of Covid19. Hospitals are more than saturated, deaths are counted by the thousands every day, and graves are being dug in a hurry day and night … And the Brazilian president gives the impression that he is not facing a catastrophic situation.

As everywhere in the world, caregivers are on the verge of exhaustion and patients are alone in a room at a time when death lurks! Hospital patients can of course not be visited! To give this inhuman situation a semblance of humanity, the nurses created the “hand of God,” explains the Positivr site. A very simple device that patients can use to leave with peace of mind!

378,000 deaths are an astonishing number and it continues to grow! Brazil is the second largest country in the world in terms of Covid deaths. At the Sao Carlos hospital, the nurses began making “a hand of God” out of latex gloves. They put this hand on top of that of the dying patient … For lack of time to put their real hand on it, the nurses have found this alternative … Obviously, this probably does not replace the warmth of the hand of one of their relatives, but since it is forbidden is, they had this idea.

A warm latex hand that comforts you

Specifically, they made a hand with latex gloves, which they filled with lukewarm water. You then attach them to the patient’s hand. Patients, often in the intensive care unit, seem to be comforted by this artificial hand that brings them some comfort.

A nurse explains, “It is very sad and heartbreaking for everyone. Patients are hospitalized, intubated, without contact with their family, without contact with anyone. We only talk to them by phone or video, they don’t have hugs. When they don’t have visits, patients become vulnerable. “This hand of God is causing a stir on social networks. If this can bring some comfort to the patient, we affirm it!

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