In Carcassonne, the precarious life of a truck driver looking for a job had to live in a motorhome

Published on 04/27/2021 8:53 PM

The essentials Christophe Patarin has been out on the streets for 6 years to pursue the job he dreamed of as a child as a driver of heavy trucks, rather than because he had to decide to live in a mobile home. Nomadically looking for work, he has to face all precarities.

He is a truck driver and lives in a motor home. A chosen life … that imposed itself. “I lived in an apartment and I was having a hard time making ends meet. I wondered why I was paying all these fees, so I bought my first truck. If you have to drive 200 km to work, that’s fine. Easier. For me, it was the most sensible way to seek protection “, …

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