In Italy a monthly baby bonus of 250 euros to increase the birth rate

The main Italy will set a monthly premium of 250 euros per child from July. A measure designed to encourage Italians to have children while the pandemic has resulted in a drop in the birth rate.

The Italian population is shrinking. With 404,000 births and 746,000 deaths in 2020, the country is facing a decline in the birth rate, compounded by the Covid-19 crisis. A problematic situation because there are fewer and fewer young people and workers.

Under these circumstances, the government announced the imminent implementation of a measure to counter this trend. From July, parents from the seventh month of pregnancy up to the age of 21 will be paid a premium of 250 euros per month.

That bill was passed by an overwhelming majority in the Senate last week. The “baby bonus” partially replaces other benefits and can be adjusted to the parents’ income.

“Today we have experienced a historic moment for our country. It is the sign of a policy that knows how to unite for the common good,” said Elena Bonetti, the Italian minister for equal opportunities and family.

According to Le Monde, this measure is likely to cost the Italian government around 20 billion euros.