In the Pyrénées-Orientales, a mother draws Emmanuel Macron’s attention to the case of her daughter who suffers from PIMS-Covid

The essentials A mother who lives in the Pyrenees-Orientals has taken the pen to draw the President of the Republic’s attention to the situation of her daughter who has PIMS disease. This is a syndrome that currently affects 500 children in France, all of whom were previously affected by Covid-19.

This is a situation that many parents experienced during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. But this resident of Latour-Bas-Elne (Pyrénées-Orientales) decided to take the pen to alert the President of the Republic. Marie Vades delivers an important testimony about PIMS-Covid, a severe child form of Covid-19. In a letter to Emmanuel Macron, she describes the physical and psychological suffering of her 7-year-old daughter Emma. She was hit by a PIMS-Covid just four weeks after an asymptomatic incubation of Covid-19: the health of Emma’s vital organs deteriorates very suddenly. “Our daughter died before our eyes […] After seven days of corticosteroid therapy, oxygenation, anticoagulants and a transfusion of immunoglobulins, we were able to return home shocked and tested, “says the mother of the family in the columns of The Independent.

Marie Vades pointed out in particular the inadequacy of the health protocol in the country’s schools: “You opened schools in September, we trusted you. Today we are destitute and we worry about the future of our children. Emma no longer has a life Child who needs to rest, is in pain, and takes multiple doses of medicine each day. “It also warns of the ignorance of health professionals about this disease:” Do you know that many healthcare professionals are still unaware of this PIMS-Covid disease? ” This “pediatric multi-system inflammation syndrome” currently affects 500 children affected by Covid-19 in France.

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