In Toulouse, the cocaine was hidden in the cot

The essential cocaine was found in a manger at a Mirail dealer.

On Friday, at Passage Pergaud, a high place of drug trafficking in the Mirail district of Toulouse, police arrested a trafficker but his accomplice fled to the ground. Two hours later, the police recognized the young refugee in the corridors on the fifth floor. He got rid of three bags of cocaine through a window before the police showed up. When the 22-year-old man’s father was searched, they were given nine canisters of cocaine in the cot and a sum of 880 euros. In total, the trafficker possessed 27 grams of the narcotic drug. He was tried on Monday by the criminal court in Toulouse. While prosecutors requested six months in prison and continued his detention, the court further sentenced him to eight months in prison, two of which were suspended. He was also banned from French territory for five years.