In Toulouse, two CRSs save the life of a 59-year-old father who has had a heart attack

The Basics A 59-year-old cook and father who works for Republican Security Company (CRS) 26 in Lardenne, Toulouse, was rescued from a heart attack on Tuesday March 2nd by two CRS who provided him with first aid.

He can thank his guardian angels. A 59-year-old chef from the Republican Security Company (CRS) 26, based in Lardenne, Toulouse, was rescued thanks to the intervention of two CRSs.

This Tuesday, March 2nd, this man is in full service. It is around 12:30 p.m. and the refectory of this CRS base is full. While he is doing his job, this father falls for no apparent reason in the middle of the kitchen under the eyes of his colleagues.

His violent fall to the ground caused significant bleeding from the height of his head. His colleagues immediately sought help in the canteen where the CRS was eating lunch. “A lifeguard-lifeguard and a first aid trainer CRS Level 2 are present and react immediately. They give him a heart massage, get the defibrillator, shock him,” says Christian Barcouda, regional delegate CRS Toulouse of the UNSA – still moved. Police Midi-Pyrenees.

“Without your intervention he would have died”

The two CRS take over the management of this father for 25 minutes. You will then be referred by the firefighters and the Samu called for reinforcements to help him. “Samu made it clear that he would have died without the intervention of our colleagues. He was very lucky,” says Christian Barcouda.

Quickly done, the vital prognosis of this 59-year-old man is no longer engaged. “Our missions are not limited to maintaining order, they only account for 20% of our activities. We can save lives too, we are trained to do so,” explains the regional delegate CRS Toulouse from the UNSA police force.

This father is now in the hospital and is slowly recovering from this heart attack. He still took the time to thank his rescuers warmly.