Incredible ! Researchers have observed a “ghost particle”, a remnant of a star that has been swallowed by a black hole

The universe is full of unsolved puzzles … but there are times when certain secrets are revealed when you least expect them! In fact, researchers at the German Electron Synchrotron were recently able to detect a so-called neutrino. It’s about a “ghost particle” that would come from a star that was massacred by a black hole in a distant galaxy.

As we all know, black holes are truly insatiable people who mercilessly devour anything that comes a little too close to them. Some are so massive that they are almost capable of tearing a star into a thousand pieces. This type of disaster, known as a “rupture event” (TDE), creates a phenomenal amount of energy. It then happens that tiny remnants of this famous energy, neutrinos or phantom particles, travel far, very far through several galaxies …

The remains of a “disruptive event”

Our neutrino was discovered and observed in a distant galaxy a few months after the discovery of a TDE, in which a star was completely shattered by a black hole. They then concluded that the neutrino must surely be a holdover from that catastrophe, since the two phenomena were discovered in the same region of the cosmos.

This exciting new study was published in the journal Nature Astronomy. For the researchers mentioned above, this is a rare and fascinating observation: Robert Stein, lead author of the study, explains: “The theorists had imagined that some neutrinos could have come from TDE, and what we have here is the first observational evidence to back it up this assertion ”. But how could scientists determine the previously observed relationship between the neutrino and the TDE? Especially since the particle in question was observed about 150 days after the activity peak of the cataclysmic event …

A star that is being absorbed by a black hole (artist illustration). Photo credit: Shutterstock / Jurik Peter

A rare and fascinating observation …

Well, a duo of Arizona State University scientists, Walter Winter and Cecilia Lunardini, have come up with a plausible explanation for the phenomenon, particularly with regards to “detecting the ghost particle so late”. They explained that the moment the black hole smashes the star into pieces, enormous forces stretch it to create powerful jets of matter. This is a monster phenomenon that then acts as a gigantic natural accelerator of particles, including the famous neutrinos.

“This would make TDEs an important source of neutrinos and imply that the particularly bright events that are visible in X-rays are of particular interest and should be investigated further,” enthused the two researchers. They are also eager to continue their research to verify and / or substantiate their hypothesis.