Incredible ! Scientists have succeeded in getting a 3,000 year old mummy to speak!

Technology definitely has no limits! The evidence of this work, recently revealed by a group of scientists from the University of York (UK): that of making the dead speak! Thanks to CT scans and 3D printing technology, researchers have actually achieved the impossible with the mummy of an Egyptian priest named Nesyamun!

But how did you do it?

The work was carried out as part of the Voices from the Past project and led by David Howard, Professor of Electrical Engineering at Royal Holloway. Under his direction, the researchers first measured the dimensions of the mummy’s vocal apparatus. They then printed a 3D replica of the famous tract. Then the scientists managed to “reconstruct” Nesyamun’s voice with an electronic device … or rather, what comes close to her.

But what interest exactly?

You should know that this isn’t the first time researchers have succeeded in reconstructing the voice of a very, very old corpse. Five years ago, Italian scientists managed to do this with Otzi, the body of an ice man whose death dates back about 5,000 years.

Yes, but in the case of the mummy of Nesyamun, the latter had the advantage of being much better preserved … But in all cases the desired goal for the researchers remains the same: to enable people to “deal with” the past to an entirely new one and innovative way. “”

As the scientists explain in an article about their work published in Nature Scientific Reports: ” […] Fulfilling its beliefs through the synthesis of its vocal function allows us to come into direct contact with ancient Egypt by hearing a sound obtained through mummification from a vocal tract that has not been heard for more than 3000 years and now thanks is being restored to this new technique. “”

Reconstructing the voice of Nesyamon, an ancient Egyptian priest who was mummified over 3000 years ago, is done! Https: //

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As for the Egyptian mummy, the science experiment was definitely incredible … especially since it was more or less successful. Obviously, this “reconstructed voice” of Nesyamun is only an approximation of his true voice. It’s not possible to know how close it is to the original, but the researchers are very happy with the result.

They are eager to continue their research in the hope that one day they will be able to perfectly reproduce the voices of times past. This would then make it possible to bring “historical places like Karnak, the Temple of Nesyamun” to life for a truly unforgettable experience.